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Великий Устюг туры экскурсии в Великий Устюг из первых рук 



Programs under the name “Far from noise city” pass at residing at village and direct acquaintance to a rural life of the
Russian northerners.

Regular round “FAR FROM NOISE CITY”


2 days/1 night
(For modular groups from 10 person)



10.15 Train Moscow – Vorkuta № 376
A place of a meeting at transport with a trade mark of the company «СеверГрадъ» on a windshield on the areas of station Kotlas.
  Transfer Kotlas - Great Ustyug
  A dinner.
  A sightseeing tour

“History and culture of Great Ustug”

with call in the Cathedral the Procopy Just (XVII century the Iconostasis of XVIII century, wall painting of XVIII., beginning of XX century. The Operating temple).
  The event with the use of Museum objects " Flax, my flax "(Museum interactive lesson" Flax, my flax " in an accessible, playful way introduces the main stages of processing flax. Guests are treated flax seeds, take in hand the stalks of flax, knit bundle, working lomalka, swinging flax trepalle, scratching setami, trying to spin, sitting at the old Ustiug, spinning, weave the rug on a weaving mill, iron a linen cloth rubel, as was done in the old days).
  Free time. Walking around the city of Veliky Ustyug.
  Interactive event " what sings samovar... "(History of the appearance of samovars in Russia and their existence in the merchant great Ustyug, what is the tea" vpriglyadku"," admission "and even" vprilizku", which is the sugar head and how much it weighs - about this and much more you will learn in our lesson.Children and adults play, compete, gathering speed samovar, chopped sugar, to perform various tasks).
  Russian bath with bath besom.


2 day (On a visit At the GRANDFATHER of the FROST)

  Gathering. Clearing of places of residing.
  A breakfast in a rural school dining room
  the Transfer on the Ancestral lands of the Grandfather of the Frost.
  Visiting of the Ancestral lands of the Grandfather Frost.We in the FAIRY TALE!!!
A meeting the fantastic character at a gate of the Ancestral lands, travel on “The Track of fairy tales” (House of the forest man, the Magic well, Bridge Mikhajlo Potapycha, the Glade of valiant entertainments, the Footpath of health, Cones throwing, the House of Grandmother Aushki, Boondocks, the House of a wise Owl, the Glade of brothers of months, the Glade of Stub Erofeicha, Magic chests), excursion on the House of the Grandfather of the Frost (the Throne hall, the Room of projects, the Room of desires, the Reception, the Study of the Grandfather of the Frost, the Room of gifts, Library of the Grandfather of the Frost, Wardrobe, the Bedchamber of the Grandfather of the Frost, the Room of skilled workers, Flax room. the Nursery, the Room Christmas trees), a meeting with the Winter wizard.
The game program at a miracle-oven “Entertainments of the Woman of Heat”
Visiting of a winter garden on the Ancestral lands of the Grandfather of the Frost.
  A transfer in city.
  A dinner.
  Excursion on the post-office of the Grandfather Frost (an opportunity to order letter-congratulation from the Grandfather of the Frost to the relatives, friends to any desirable date)
  The Transfer Great Ustyug - Kotlas.
  See off the visitors up to station.
18.53 Departure of a train from station Kotlas - Southern (a train Vorkuta - Moscow №375).


Accommodation in rural houses
Cost for round on the person
The isolated and adjacent rooms on 2-6 persons, convenience in the house,
instead of a shower - Russian bath
7900 rbl

Accommodation in hotel «Chaika»

Veliki Ustug, piazza Comune, h.3

Cost for round on the person

 In II,IV – seaters numbers

8500 rbl

 In number Lux

10150 rbl

 Occasional seat in number
  (an armchair-bed or a folding bed)

7400 rbl


Commission to agencies 10%


 In cost it is included: residing; a feed under the program, excursion and transport service under the program; the accrediting letter confirming stay in Great Ustyug; an opportunity of using the camera in the House of the Grandfather of the Frost; photographing with the Grandfather the Frost; Services of the group leader.

It is in addition paid: travel, a gift from the Grandfather of the Frost - 350 rbl.

We assist in purchase rail-way tickets for the organized groups with the organization of a hot feed along the line.

Travel agency reserves the right to itself to make changes on days of the excursion program and replacement of excursion on equivalent.

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