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Veliki Ustug (Great Ustug)


Ladies and Gentlemen!


The tourist agency "SeverGrad" is glad to provide you with a broad range of tourist programmes and welcome services in Veliki Ustug (Great Ustug).

With the pronounced wholesome beauty of a northern land on the background, we introduce Veliki Ustug (Great Ustug) to the tourists as:


-                     A Pearl of the Russian North

-                     The Russian Saint Miracle-workers` land

-                     The place of the last haven of Saint Righteous Prokopiy, a  hanseatic merchants by origin

-                     The local icon-painters` school

-                     Firmness of Orthodox traditions

-                     The Russian Father Frost motherland

-                     A wonderful place for hunting and fishing


Veliki Ustug (Great Ustug)

– an ancient Russian town, the contemporary of Vologda and Moscow, founded in 1147 at the junction of two rivers Suhona and Yug, the place, where a largest river of the European North – Northern Dvina -  springs from.


Veliki Ustug (Great Ustug)

– is one of the most beautiful towns in Vologda Region of Russia, which has saved its unique architecture and traditions, the only town in the North, which deserves to be called The Great. An epithet “The Great” was added in the end of the XVI century, and was aimed to emphasise the importance of the town as a trade centre. It was the time of the prosperous trade activity with England and Holland. For many centuries Veliki Ustug (Great Ustug) has been wondering people by its originality. Many buildings, such as the stately white stone cloisters, bell towers, various merchants` mansions, cathedrals with the unique gilded carved iconostasis of the XVII-XIX centuries are survived in their primeval state.


Ustug land has given 10 Saints to the world. Among them is the peculiar Saint Righteous Prokopiy`s shining star, a town`s Heavenly patron, hanseatic` merchant christened in Novgorod, who was converted into the Orthodox faith, the first “God`s fool", for Christ sake.


Ustug school of icon-painting, pointed out by the specialists, formed under the influence of Novgorod and Rostov painting. The mastery of local icon-painters is in their grace, accuracy, rich colour palette, which makes these icon compositions different from the traditional canons.


Ustug land is a motherland of outstanding discoverers, who explored Siberia, Islands of the Pacific, and the Russian America lands.


Veliki Ustug (Great Ustug)

to keep its cultural traditions, was recognised as the Father Frost Motherland due to its ancient and rich history, its curiously attractive stately look, the integrity of architecture, the landscape beauty, picturesque nature. The project “Veliki Ustug (Great Ustug) – a motherland of Father Frost is carried out on the initiative of Moscow City Government and Vologda Region Administration. Father Frost lives in his Patrimony in a patterned chamber, which is situated in a pinery on the bank of the river Suhona. Any time of the year Father Frost and his fairy retinue welcome guests to his dwelling and the magic land. All the year round there lives a tale, it waits for you in a dreamy dale!


Ustug land is famous for its wonderful nature also. The nature – is a pure reflection of the northern land beauty. There are various coniferous primeval forests with fantastically bent trees covered with snow-caps, groves shedding its autumn leaves, fields scenting with motley grass, picturesque river volleys and the kilometres of water smooth. Not far from the town one can find a natural phenomenon – a spring that flows right from the ground.


Northern rivers` banks with their pure and sandy shoals, amazing by nature and mostly virginal boundless woodlands with a rich abundance of fauna, disposing to fishing and hunting tourism. Beautiful places, a good hunting and fishing – this is a  true guaranty of getting pleasing impressions.


We are sure, that visiting Veliki Ustug (Great Ustug) will enrich your travelling experience with a lot of unforgettable moments in your life.


See you on Ustug land!




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